Building and HVAC foam – EPS and EPP

Sustainable, inventive and energy-saving solutions for building and HVAC.

In building technology it is of great importance that our packaging and materials protect, have good insulating properties and are durable. With our foam solutions we ensure that optimum use is made of the energy and that no energy is lost. We are happy to work with our customers in the design phase in order to develop the best solutions together with them.

Questions about building technology

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The best materials for building and HVAC

The materials that we use in building and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) are Airpop® (EPS, expanded polystyrene), Neopor® and EPP (expanded polypropylene.). With all these materials, the outstanding insulating properties are of great importance. These properties offer a sturdy and safe long-term solution, also because they have flame-retardant properties.

Neopor® is widely used for ICF (insulated concrete formwork) elements and foundation formwork for residential and/or utility buildings. The addition of graphite gives Neopor® even better insulation properties than EPS.

Expanded foams are widely used in zero-energy buildings, also known as passive houses. We believe in sustainable alternatives in order to reduce gas consumption. We produce housings for various HVAC applications into which several functions are integrated. This results in fewer parts combined with great freedom of design and outstanding insulation properties.

Our foam specialities for building and HVAC:

  • Visible parts such as housings of air treatment systems can be made of high-quality EPP on our machines.
  • Equipment is finished with laser or chemical textures.
  • Technical highlights with undercuts, combinations of several material densities and the integration of metal or plastic inserts are among the possibilities. And all this with great precision and an eye for quality.
  • Wolters Europe’s environmental management system is ISO 14001-certified.

Product development
A single contact is all you need for the answer to all your questions. Our in-house product development team creates new products and packaging in line with your requirements and wishes. The design and the material meet all your requirements perfectly. At the design stage, the R&D department can create 3D CAD models, mock-ups and prototypes to allow a realistic assessment of the intended result. In addition, we carry out extensive tests and simulations.


Our solutions for building and HVAC:

  • Foundation formwork
  • ICF elements
  • HVAC packaging and housings
  • Insulation parts

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