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High-quality packaging is of vital importance

In the pharmaceutical sector, safety is paramount. Reliable transport is of vital importance in both the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Medical consumer products, organs, tissues and electronic apparatus have to be transported with the greatest possible care. Airpop® (EPS), Neopor®, EPP and other expanded foams are extremely suitable materials that meet the highest hygiene and durability requirements.

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The best packaging materials for pharmaceutical products

For the pharmaceutical industry, we predominantly use Airpop® and Neopor®. These materials have outstanding insulating properties and a high shock-absorbing capacity. These materials are so suitable because Airpop® and Neopor® are resistant to chemicals, hygienic and absorb practically no water.

If you have a return system with your client, boxes made from the high-quality EPP material are an interesting option. EPP is impact resistant and also easy to clean. With a temperature resistance between -40°C and +110°C, this material is extremely suitable.

Customised packaging for pharmaceuticals

Wolters Europe delivers customised solutions to various major players in the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers have stringent requirements and need a reliable partner. That’s why they choose Wolters Europe. Thanks to our streamlined production and logistics processes and flexible, motivated employees, we are able to deliver JIT (just-in-time). Outer cartons and assembly operations are also part of our services.

Are you looking for a ready-to-use solution? We have more than 30 standard packaging products in our range that we can deliver at short notice. A combination of EPS cool boxes and refrigerants ensures that your product remains within the required temperature range. If products have to be kept, for example, between 2 and 8°C, we have standard solutions in stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out which standard solutions we can offer you from stock.

Product development

Together with our clients and partners, we develop products that meet the required specifications for the pharmaceutical industry. We support you in the official validation processes for your system solutions.

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