Packaging for domestic appliances & electronics

Applications for protection during transport and storage.

The packaging is an important link in the chain from the producer to the end user. The challenge here is to develop packaging that offers optimum protection in combination with sustainable and economical material consumption. Our packaging for electrical and electronic products is functional and well developed thanks to our vast experience in this sector.

Our customers have a broad range of products, such as printers, computers and TVs in various models and designs. The packaging for each model and design is in stock at Wolters Europe, enabling us to deliver JIT (just-in-time). We have huge storage capacities and our own vehicle fleet at our disposal for this.

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Materials: Airpop®, Arcel® and PE

The material that we use for our electronics packaging is Airpop® with high shock-absorbing properties and an anti-static additive, if required. Consisting of 98% air, it is an ideal packaging material. It is non-toxic, has low CO2 emissions and can be reused up to seven times.

Another material that we use is Arcel®. This material has multiple shock-absorbing properties and a high ability to restore its shape, as a result of which less material is needed. For small series we can die-cut PE (polyethylene) foam packaging, eliminating the need for a production mould.

No packaging challenge is too big for us

We deliver more than 150 different products from stock to one of the world’s largest IT companies. These are called off and delivered on the same day in several trucks filled with more than 20 different types of packaging.

This is only possible with ultramodern facilities, streamlined production and logistics processes and a team of motivated employees.

Customisation for new packaging products

We never lose sight of functionality and sustainability when it comes to developing packaging. The drop heights during the process, the static loads during storage and the dynamic loads during transport are just a few examples of things we take into account.

Attention is also paid to the ease with which our customers can handle the packaging. Our team of engineers offers you this made-to-measure packaging! We carry out drop and transport tests on prototypes, so you can be sure that the packaging developed for you meets your requirements.

We can supply you with the following packaging:

  • Computer packaging
  • Printer packaging
  • TV packaging
  • Server packaging
  • Packaging for household appliances
  • Packaging for video and audio electronics

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