Food/fish packaging

Insulation solutions for fresh products.

Wolters Europe has developed special Airpop® (EPS, styrofoam or tempex) and EPP cool boxes to ensure that your food and/or fish products stay fresh longer. In these cool boxes, your products retain their freshness and quality for longer.

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Ideal packaging materials for food and fish

Airpop® is the ideal solution for the shipment of fresh or frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other foods.

Our cool boxes stand out as the best-performing packaging thanks to their exceptional insulating properties. As a result, the Airpop® cool boxes provide the perfect protection. The boxes are made from very light and stable material that is insensitive to moisture, giving them a very wide range of applications.

Your packaging printed in full colour

Thousands of kilos of food are shipped in our food-safe Airpop® packaging every day. We can print your boxes in full colour using high-resolution inkjet printing. Are you planning a jubilee campaign or do you need a short print run, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our broad standard product range with over 60 variants, you will generally find one that meets your requirements.

Wolters Europe supplies 2-8°C solutions in combination with gel packs. We can supply EPS pallet boxes, but also smaller boxes. This allows you to save on conditioned transport.

The Airpop® boxes are made exclusively from virgin raw materials. This makes the material recyclable. Due to the fact that the material consists of 98% air, it has minimal impact on the environment. To further reduce waste flows, we can add reclaim to the starting material. Green and/or biologically degradable materials are just one of the many possibilities.

Tailor-made for your food packaging

Are you looking for insulating packaging that we cannot supply from our standard product range, or do you have specific requirements that the packaging has to meet? Then please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat or by email so that we can find a tailor-made solution for you together.

When home deliveries are made or the boxes come back to the shipper, it can be more efficient to develop a high-quality insulated box of EPP material. The EPP material is impact-resistant, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and has outstanding insulating properties. This means you can use these boxes for years. With a temperature resistance from -20 to +110°C, an EPP cool box is eminently suitable for keeping your products warm or cool. We have now added EPP boxes to our standard product range.

If you have other requirements, we will be happy to develop a solution together with you. We can provide the EPP boxes with a texture or high-quality label.

Our food and fish packaging:

  • Packaging for fresh or frozen fish
  • Packaging for home delivery and web shops
  • Packaging for vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli and cabbage
  • Multi-use insulated boxes for supermarket chains and caterers

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