Automotive foam – EPP, EPS & more

Wolters Automotive has been a reliable foam partner to the automotive industry since the 1990s.

The automotive industry is one of the drivers of the global industry. We produce components from expanded foams such as EPP that are to be found everywhere in cars – for both the interior and the exterior. In many cases they have been developed to protect the occupants and/or to increase comfort.

Examples of such products include bumper cores (energy absorbers), toolboxes, crash pads, headrests, (parts of) seats, insulating fillers and sun visors.

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Materials for the automotive industry: EPP, EPS and more

EPP makes a major contribution to improving cars. It is light, strong, shock-resistant, absorbs noise and insulates heat, where necessary. Multi-use transport packaging made of EPP is used for logistics purposes.

EPS, Piocelan®, P-EPP and Neopor® are also used in the automotive industry, in addition to EPP. We make products from all these materials. Our solutions withstand extreme endurance tests and meet the strictest climate and ageing requirements. The materials are flame-retardant or even self-extinguishing and satisfy the applicable odour and emissions standards.

Top quality for carmakers and suppliers

Wolters Automotive is IATF 16949-certified and therefore meets the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, reliability and continuity. Carmakers and their suppliers throughout Europe benefit from this.

Carmakers are constantly on the lookout for improvements to make their cars safer and lighter – not only for the occupants, but also from an economic and environmental point of view. We believe in the future of electric cars and autonomous driving. With our in-house R&D and Engineering departments, we develop a wide range of components every year together with our clients. In 2019, we will be supplying products for 143 different car models of practically all brands!

From our factories in Europe, we are close to our clients at all times, and we can supply to OEMs and Tier-1s with several branches everywhere and at any time.

Applications for our automotive foams:

  • Toolboxes
  • Crash pads
  • Headrests
  • Seats
  • Insulating fillers
  • Sun visors
  • Transport packaging

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